Making Number 2

Making Number 2

Comedy duo Marty Scanlon & Ali Gordon invite you to their "writer's room" as they craft on-the-fly pitches for sequels and prequels that should not exist. You'll never see these movies! (New episodes every other Thursday)

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    #24 - Top 50 Romance Movies: THE SEQUEL

    In a minor break from form, we look up "Top 50 Romantic Films" and elevator-pitch sequels for many of them. It goes as well as you'd expect. Some actual good sequels include: THE PRINCESS BRIDE, LOVE ACTUALLY, and THE WEDDING SINGER.

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    #23 - Her 2: THEM

    In this improvised dual-pitch mashup to Her, a team of humans seek to find the AI that abandoned Earth...but they find that the AI have already created humans of their own.

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    #22 - Dear Evan Hansen 2: WHAT WOULD TEEN JESUS DO FOR FOREVER

    In this spiritual sequel/re-skin of Dear Evan Hansen, Teen Jesus tells the truth to shame the devil while building his incredible brand of bumper stickers. (This was our 'Episode 0' - our first test episode/pilot for Making Number 2. We thought it would be fun to share it with you all now that we have some episodes under our belt!)

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    #19 LIVE! - The Martian 2: THE SECOND MARTIAN (w/ special guests Grey Henson & Moiya McTier)

    When Marc Watney (aka the Martian) returned from space, he brought back...something. In our first live show, we're joined by special guests Grey Henson (Tony nominee for Mean Girls on Broadway) and Moiya McTier (Science extraordinaire, Harvard) to pitch, unpack, and learn about the scientific validity of our unnecessary sequel pitch. [Recorded July 2018 at Caveat in NYC]

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    #18 - Chicago 2: MR. CELLOPHANE

    What happens when the self-proclaimed 'Mr. Cellophane' takes his life and comedic takes on the road? Find out in our sequel to the musical hit Chicago

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    #16 - Freaky Friday 2: FREAKY FRANCHISE: HALLOWEEN

    Our double-feature returns with guest and King of Horror Luke Field (UCB, College Humor) to craft our sequel (and eventual horror franchise mashup) to the mother-daughter family comedy Freaky Friday.

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